Wadham College Visit

On Tuesday 12th November, 15 students from years 7-11 were nominated especially for a visit to one of the 38 colleges of Oxford, to experience what it is like on a university campus. After an early start and a treacherous journey on the M25, we finally made it to Wadham College and was escorted to a lecture room where we had a Classics lecture on Greek poetry, given by Dr Felix Budelmann. This allowed us to find out what it was like listening to a lecture.

Pic 1 After lunch in the new Refectory, we were taken into a small classroom with another school group to a session called, ‘Grill-a-student’ and it was a tasteful experience. Three of the universities undergraduates allowed us to ask them questions on their lifestyle at university and how their lives evolved around university. Following the Q&A session we took part in a student lead tour of the college. I thought it was amazing to have everything right by your doorstep from squash courts to a PlayStation3 room and a place of worship.

Nearing the end of the tour we took a Pic 12 minute walk through town to get to the Oxford Natural History Museum and the Pitts Rivers Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. We were split into two groups to visit either one or the other museum, I choose the Natural History Museum. We received a short talk by one of the researchers about different types of ‘ology’s’ within the natural world, like zoology and mineralogy etc. Afterwards we got a behind-the-scenes tour of how the museum preserves creatures in spirits (the alcohol, not the ghost) and saw creatures caught by Charles Darwin on his expeditions.

Before this visit, I wanted to go to either Oxford or Cambridge, the visit has now given me a taste of the colleges and university life, and has enhanced further my aspiration of attending one of these universities and being taught at one of the top universities in the world, and now really want it to become a reality.

Danny Brett Year 10

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