Redbridge Book Awards 2013

3 July 2013 at Hawkey Hall

This yearís Redbridge Book Awards was a great success for Trinity High School, not only did our group win both first and third prize in the childrenís book quiz but Chloe Lim 9P was the winner of the Poetry Competition to the great delight of the Trinity Reading Group.

Students who took part in the Redbridge Book Awards this year were, year 11 students Brendan Chung, Catherine Chusney and Morin Jebanesan. From Year 9 Marianne Kendal, Alice Morey and Chloe Lim. Representing year 8 Rachel Jackson, Alice Martin-Evans, Shereen Jebanesan and Claudia Mancini, and from year 7 Emily Huxley, Cathreen Jebanesan, Weronika Lazarz, Aimee OíDonoghue and Verity Webb. (Annabel Parsons could not attend due to prior music rehearsal) All gave time in reading the 30 selected books published in year 2012 and voting for the best book in two categories best Childrenís and Teenage book.

The students enjoyed meeting and talking to the four authors from the short listed books while having their books signed by Michelle Harrison - Unrest, Conrad Mason Ė Demonís Watch, Dave Cousins - 15 Days Without a Head and Sufiya Ahmed Ė Secrets of the Henna Girl.

After the Masters of Ceremonies introduced the Mayor of Redbridge, Felicity Banks and the authors, heads were down for the book quiz for the shortlisted competition as we were against stiff opposition from schools taking part were Forest, Ilford and Woodford County High, Wanstead, Woodbridge , Beal, Isaac Newton and Ursuline Academy and primary schools Fairlop, Farnham Green. This was followed by a talk from the authors about their books, when, where and why they started to write. Which author inspired them to write and Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl were the common denominator amongst the authors.

This was followed by the question and answers section from the students. Dave Cousins was amusing as he described his career as a footballer, then a drummer, and failing miserably turned his hand to writing and after writing a number of stories which he stored and propped his bed he would revisit his stories and improve them. His favourite book was 'Machine Gun' by Robert West

Sufiya Ahmed started writing her story after she meet a group of courageous women victims of forced marriages at the Houses of Parliament while working for Harriet Harman. Sufiya advice to the budding writer was to enter as many competitions as possible and carry a note book. Roald Dahl the 'Twits' was her inspiration.

Conrad Mason first ambition was to become an actor until he realised the he wasnít a good actor. As he felt he was a bit of a control freak which he put this to good use with his characters in his books about goblins and magic. One of his favourite authors which inspired him to write was Brian Jacques and 'The Redwall' series

Michelle Harrisonís book ĎUnrestí is based on her sister out-of-bed experiences, sleep paralysis and her adventures in Hangsmanís Wood in Thurrock, Essex. Michelleís advice is ĎDonít fiddle, just write your story and then improveí. The ĎWitchesí by Roald Dahl both excited and scared was one of her inspirational books.

After a short break the results were announced and the students were overjoyed when we came in 1st and 3rd in the childrenís book quiz and the icing on the cake was when Chloe Lim was the winner of the Poetry Competition and our tables erupted into a loud round of applause and surprise. Chloe received her award from the Mayor and was asked to read her poem which she did eloquently.

This was then followed by the results of the Redbridge Book Awards, Morris Gleitzman ĎAfterí won the childrenís section and an email was read from Australia from Morris Gleitzman for reading and thanking the readers for voting for him. Sufiya Ahmed ĎSecrets of the Henna Girlí was a popular winner for the teenage section. This was followed by photographs and Chloe had her photo taken with the authors, mayors and winners and shortlisted writers. Redbridge Schools Library Service have published an anthology of stories and poems by the students for the Redbridge Childrenís Book Award Writing Competition 2013 ĎBranches of Lifeí which is available from Redbridge Libraries for £1.

David Fulton lecturer in English at Brunel University wrote of Chloe's poem "Chloe Limís poem is an impressive and touching moral tale: she finds that the new, frightened, lonely girl she and her friends are laughing at is the mirror image of herself when she first joined the class. This situation is described sensitively with a lot of vivid detail and a great sense of how to structure a story"

Click here to view Chloe's Poem


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