GLASBURY REPORT 8th - 12th JULY 2013

The coach arrived on time and the driver loaded the bus ready for our departure at 12.00pm. Our journey to Glasbury House was smooth and incident free.

The duty instructor (Jon) met the group who allowed the girl's time to explore the building and find their dorms. He met with them in the classroom and gave them the daily routine information and his expectations of them as a group. Everyone settled in quickly ready for the challenges ahead.

Wake up was 7.30 and the duty group were down for 7.45am each morning without fuss. All of the assigned duty groups coped with this task well.

After breakfast each morning, the girls went off to their relevant duties around the house followed by their dorm cleaning duty.

The first morning the Head of Centre introduced himself and the other instructors met the students, this was followed by a very brief talk on behaviour and expectations around the house and whilst on activity. This was the procedure every morning.

All girls were then sent to their respective activity groups by 9.20am where they were briefed on the activity and clothes they would need for the day.

The girls approach to all the activities was excellent and every one of them was up for their own challenge. The daily activities included mountain biking, gorge walking, caving, mountain walking and canoeing.

Our accommodation was comfortable, clean and well maintained. The meals were as expected for a group that was going to be physically active home cooked and plentiful; there was very little wastage. The evening programme was again successful - the girls were out every evening; they took part in the following activities: orienteering, ropes course & river swim, treasure hunt, drop off and walk back which the instructors again made enjoyable.

The girls also interacted well with Caterham who were staying in the Bunk House, after the evening activity you could find the girls either playing rounders or end zone with their students.

The lounge was also a focal point in the house with the piano being the centrepiece and chop sticks being the most popular rendition!!!!!!

The weather was glorious all week and the Glasbury House staff contributed enormously to making our whole experience an enjoyable one as always.

We departed 30 mins late but the return journey was trouble free and we arrived back to school at 10.30pm with all the students collected by 10.45pm.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Zoie Humphrey & Harriet Chere for their support and also adding to a great week.


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