Glasbury Visit 9th -14th June 2013

Staff: Samir Aalit, Daniel Baker, John Dowling & 33 Year 9 Boys.

Sunday 9th June- We departed Trinity at 11:40 am sharp ahead of schedule and everything was set for the journey. We stopped off at the set service station stop for some lunch at 1:45 pm. We then left at 2:30pm for the rest of the journey to Glasbury.

Upon arrival at Glasbury House, Jon the centre manager greeted us, and introduced himself and the house to the pupils. He then introduced the pupils to their dormitories.

Once dinner had finished the pupils were allowed to have free time to get to know the house and each otherís dormitories. They were allowed to unpack and a fire drill was conducted by Jon the centre manager.

The daily activities were enjoyed by all pupils and pupils faced challenges and fears in which they were not used to in their daily lives in Redbridge.

Pupils very much enjoyed the evening programme set in place. The students particularly enjoyed the infamous "Glasbury Drop Out". Many of the students are on the Bronze D of E so this was slightly easier than normal. Problem solving skills were enhanced during this activity.

All pupils in their free time used the facilities available including Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Badminton.

This cohort of Year 9 pupils were the best behaved, most enthusiastic and hardest team workers I have taken in the four years I have run this trip. The pupils were a huge credit to the school and done Trinity proud. Their level of respect for the instructors and each other was First Class. A brilliant week!

Samir Aalit
P.E. Teacher

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