Charlie Higson Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It was not an April Fools' joke when Charlie Higson spent an enjoyable couple of hours at Trinity Catholic High School talking and answering questions with year 7 and 8 students.

Trinity was also host to a group of students from Ilford County High School who jointly sat listening, laughing and amazed at the stories from Charlie Higson which began with a trailer which impressed the students. Charlie Higson described his varied career as a singer in 'The Higson', a painter and decorator for people such as Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as well as writing for television programmes such as 'The Fast Show' for the BBC and the spoof radio series 'Down the Line' on radio 4, which became the comedy series 'Bellamy's People' on BBC 2. Despite his diverse career, Higson's passion has always been writing, he remembered starting to write at the age of ten and with a particular interest in the horror genre which he nourished by studying gothic literature at East Anglia University. He was approached by Ian Fleming Publications to write a series of books on a younger James Bond which has sold over a million copies and is translated in to over 24 languages.

In 2009 Charlie Higson published the first of five books in a thriller series where everyone over the age of 14 becomes infected with a disease which rots their brains and turns them into flesh eating beings called 'sickos'. The first book in the series was titled 'The Enemy' and has been followed yearly by 'The Dead', 'The Fear', 'The Sacrifice' and the latest book 'The Fallen'.

A debate began on vampires verses zombies which summed up that girls preferred vampires and boys favoured zombies whilst werewolves were not considered scary enough. Charlie Higson then answered questions about himself and his books, for example, how was the trailer made, what inspired him to write books and what is his favourite book to which he answered the next one he is going to write. Charlie Higson received a roaring applause from the students.

Charlie Higson's visit concluded by signing books that students had either brought with them or purchased on the day from The Village Book shop who were in attendance and answering their questions and having photographs taken - one with a group of year 12 students because they were fans of 'The Fast Show',

The organisers of the event commented that the students were very well behaved and they were a responsive and attentive audience.

L McLellan
School Librarian

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