Cambridge University 'Subject Matters' Visit

On Saturday 23rd November 2013, 13 students from year 11 had the opportunity to go on a visit to Cambridge University, with Mr Doherty, Pic 1Dr Collins and Mr Baker. We left school in the minibus at 10:30am and we arrived in Cambridge before lunch. We were then granted the opportunity to go off in groups and tour Cambridge for an hour and a half.

There were six of us in my group and we decided to go to Christís and Emmanuelís College, which we managed to locate through applications on our phones and the city maps that were dotted around. First, we visited Christís College in which we were able to walk around the main courts, the whole college and the buildings themselves were marvellous and aesthetically pleasing.

After Christís College, we ventured to Emmanuelís College, which is another attractive college that had a grand main court Pic 2and a pleasant green behind this.

After returning to the minibus to be reunited with the rest of our peers, we then went inside one of the big lecture theatres for the subject matters talk, that we had come here for, and the lecture theatre was filled with many other enthusiastic young people. The talk began by focusing on why we would want to go to university and what the benefits of higher education were. I was already hoping to go to university after sixth form and this just reinforced my reasons for wanting to do so.

Following this they addressed what subjects we were going choose for our A-level options, and which would be the best for us to take, depending on what type of course we were aiming to take. This was interesting as it allowed me to review the subjects I was planning to take for A-level and evaluate whether or not they were facilitating subjects in terms of beingPic 1 accepted to universities.

The subject then moved onto applying to a university, making a strong university application and why we would want to apply to Cambridge. I found this interesting as it provided us with the information that could be beneficial in applying to any university and why Cambridge is such a great university.

Overall, I thought the trip was a great opportunity, it was enjoyable and I was inspired to do as well as I am able to in all of my exams, so that in the future I may have the opportunity to come to a university such as Cambridge.

Leonardo Caracci, Year 11

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