Bali Rai Visit on Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Spring term started with an inspirational and rousing visit by the author Bali Rai to Trinity Catholic High School on Wednesday, 8th January who gave a lively, humorous, and interesting talk to both year 7 and 9 students. English teacher Miss Taylor refreshed Bali on his previous visit to Trinity in 2004 when his book 'Rani and Sukh', a twist on Romeo and Juliet, won the Redbridge Book Awards in the teen section.

Bali Rai's books reflect his own upbringing in Leicester, which he brought to life with descriptive caricatures of his father, uncles and friends that made the students laugh and yet ponder about different cultures and bigotry, even within the authors' own family. He also read an extract from his book ‘(UN)arranged Marriage’, then outlined the plot and expanded on the context within the book and why he wrote it.

Bali Rai described and expanded on his love of reading and writing as a youngster. He enthused on the importance of reading when he talked to the year 7s and expanded that reading for pleasure and writing helps improve brain functions in all fields and subjects. Bali choose ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ for his book extract for year 7s. Yet again his description of family life had the students laughing. Both sessions ended with questions and answers, during which a variety of questions were being asked from the students. Throughout lunch time Bali spent time talking to the students in the hall and Ben-Luca Patel, 9P, had a long and interesting talk about backgrounds and books. Bali commented on the good behaviour and interesting questions that both year groups asked.

Lucy McLellan
School Librarian

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