6th Form French trip to Paris 2014

On Thursday 6th February we (9 A-Level students + Mme Leslie & Mme Law) left a tube strike crippled London behind to travel to Paris in the relative comfort of the Eurostar. Indeed a mere 2  hrs later we found ourselves in Gare du Nord ready to face the first challenge....buying travel tickets in French! All students passed with flying colours although Mark must have felt in need of a bit more practice as he repeated the role play the following day having misplaced his "billet Mobilis" and having also decided against what seems like a national sport in Paris: the gate crashing jump! After a short course on how to use the Métro system we headed to our accommodation on the banks of "Canal St Martin", quickly left our bags and set off to the most iconic avenue in the world "Les Champs Elysées" where we ate, shopped (we found out that you can buy a 1 litre "Chanel No5" bottle of perfume for € 4.300!), and generally enjoyed the sights. No time to waste the next day with a 9am start to visit the Tour Montparnasse (the highest building in Paris) from which you get magnificent views of the Tour Eiffel and other major Parisian landmarks. Then, within an hour and a few Métro stops later we were marvelling at the Cathédrale Notre Dame bathed in sunshine. The afternoon was dedicated to a conference during which 3 speakers discussed - in French bien sûr - various health and lifestyle issues and the afternoon was rounded off by a debate between students on whether the State and the Media were responsible in the rise of obesity. At first, the students found it quite challenging to get to grips with the level of language but, to their surprise, quickly got immersed in the talks and they were able to understand and partake in the discussions. As much as we enjoyed and benefited from the conference we were all looking forward afterwards to a leisurely cruise on the river Seine at sunset, passing and recognising all the main landmarks on route. We disembarked and headed towards the Trocadéro to have the best view of the Tour Eiffel as it sparkled right on cue at 7pm. After much ooh and ahhh, we got back on the Métro to head off to a well-deserved meal in a typical Crperie right opposite le Centre Pompidou and its immediately recognisable inside out architecture. Saturday, we decided to make the most of our last morning and visit the Basilique du Sacré Coeur in Montmartre. Once again, the views over Paris' rooftops were breath-taking and seemed to come straight out of a film set. We had some spare time to stroll around the surrounding area, take in its bohemian and artistic vibes and buy some last minute obligatory tacky souvenirs before our return journey to London. By this stage we had managed to do so much in such a short period of time that we were truly exhausted and much of the return journey was spend in a blissful daze by most. Was it worth it? Yes most definitely both on a linguistic and cultural level and there were already talks about next year's trip....of which I know nothing about.... yet!

Some students' quotes & feedback:

"It was a really good trip as we were immersed in the French culture and way of life - more than we can achieve in class. Also it was very educational as it aided my French vocabulary, accent and fluency". Sarah Carter

"It was a great opportunity to learn some new French vocabulary and to embrace the culture. I found it fun and insightful". Jonathan Evans

"The trip most definitely helped with my vocabulary and my fluency. It was nice to be surrounded by the language and to spend quality time with my fellow student". Mark Hayden

"It gave me an opportunity to practice my French. I really enjoyed being surrounded by the language and culture". Hazel Wilson

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