Educational Visit: Psychology

Year 13 Trinity students were given the opportunity to attend the 'Tutor2u, A Level Psychology Strong Foundations Revision Workshop'. The conference covered a variety of topics on the AQA Psychology specification and each section of the day was specifically focused on exam rubric and maximising marks for exam success.

Tutor2u work with VUE Cinema to give students a truly interactional experience and remove the boredom of revision. Students were given great resource booklets which included exemplar answers and additional tasks that they could complete at home.

41 Trinity students attended the workshop at Westfield Stratford Vue Cinema. Our students were joined by many other schools who also study AQA Psychology; in total there were over 380 students at the conference on 24th November 2016. Our attendance at this conference was particularly necessary as students are now being taught the new specification. The lead speaker was able to give an analysis of last year's exam performance. Students were then guided through exemplar answers and strategies of how to improve performance were discussed at depth. This was an invaluable experience for our students!

Trinity students thoroughly enjoyed the day; they were able to ask questions to lead examiners and discuss answers with one another. One of our students: Marianne Kendal, outshined all 380 students, and students across Britain, by answering an A* question in detail. The lead speaker was so impressed that he gave her a 10 note from his own pocket. He explained that throughout the whole tour, no other student had been able to do this. Trinity staff were extremely proud of Marianne and her Psychological knowledge! Another Trinity student, Daniel Hosier, joined two other students at the front of the conference and debated the key issues of Freud's research into Personality and Psychosexual development. The confidence and ability of our students was extremely heart-warming.

Some feedback from students:

I actually learnt a lot. We obviously know the majority from lessons, but it really helped me to see how it could be applied in an exam situation. Corinna Anthony, year 13.

I found today really useful, I am so much more confident now. Lauren Spencer, year 13.

Biopsychology doesn't seem so hard anymore. Jamie Ali, year 13.

I'm surprised at how much I actually know. Today has been really useful! Getting up in front of all those students challenged me, but now I feel I know more because of it. Daniel Hosier, year 13

Students at the Westfield VUE Cinema The resource booklet given to students

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