Language Perfect World Championships Results

Language Perfect Logo The Language Perfect World Championships is a global online competition - taking place between schools ranging from New Zealand to The Cayman Islands and Vietnam. The competition ran for 10 days between 15th-25th May and is designed to give students access to a whole host of languages (ranging from Japanese to Italian and Maori) which it is not always practical to learn within a classroom.

Due to the timings of the competition, Year 8 and 9 students were encouraged to practice their French and Spanish as part of their revision for the end of year exams. (The content on the website is designed to mirror the different units in our course textbooks). However, many caught "the languages bug" and enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with different languages such as Chinese and Greek!

School results

Between them, our students answered 83,772 questions - spending a total of 139 hours using the site.

Trinity was:
  • 20th overall in England (6th in our category of number of students entered)
  • 513th globally (out of 1302 schools)
  • 287th globally for French, 134th for Spanish, 354th for German, 304th for Italian
In England, we came:
  • 16th for French, 21st for Japanese, 13th for Italian, 20th for German, 17th for Spanish, 9th for Greek, 15th for Maori, 30th for Chinese, 26th for Arabic, 25th for Latin.
Individual results

17 students achieved certificates for their efforts and achievements in the competition. Sophie Tham and Guilherme Muinos Filgueria performed exceptionally well with Sophie spending a total of 22 hours throughout the 10 days, practising her language skills.
First Name Surname World Ranking Points Score Award
Sophie Tham 2517th 4,107 Gold
Guilherme Muinos Filgueira 2628th 4,016 Gold
Maria McFarlane 3023rd 3,672 Gold
Elizabeth Parker 3138th 3,599 Gold
Eliza Dubowska 5202nd 3,014 Gold
Lorenzo dal-Col 5876th 3,000 Gold
Valentino Kaimakkami 6731st 2,414 Silver
Leo Benny 6923rd 2,334 Silver
Kate Collins 9500th 1,843 Bronze
Esther Lim 11950th 1,393 Bronze
Matthew Chan 12034th 1,384 Bronze
Daniel Clark 13023rd 1,281 Bronze
Matteo Mancini 17843rd 1,007 Bronze
Milly Archer 25761st 608 Credit
Alex Mendola 26319th 594 Credit
Rosie Polden 28415th 545 Credit
Rachel Poulter 31213th 507 Credit
Cheryl Tagoe 39847th 351
Savannah Julien 64402nd161
Yannis Ake 73797th 127
Robbie Mouquet 73798th 127
Conor Allen 80501st 108
Sophie Walker 81233rd 106

Student feedback

The students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop their language skills and use the website. They particularly liked the sense of competition that seeing themselves on the school and international scoreboard gave them.

Leo Benny
I'd like to continue having Education Perfect because it is a very interesting and enjoyable application. Its background sets a nice mood and makes the app more informal for pupils. The work is also challenging as it forces you to think and recover knowledge that you may have forgotten from the past.

Valentino Kaimakkami
It's a good game and is making languages fun. I think that it is great for revision but more time would be useful.

Kate Collins
I really enjoy this as it lets me practise my French and has really helped me, this is good for revision in going over things. I really enjoy this, it also brings a bit of competition which is good.

Robbie Mouquet
I enjoy language perfect, it helps me with my vocabulary and my translation skills as I revise for my exam.

Rosie Polden
I love having access because it's a great way to revise for my end of year exams as well as expand my vocabulary. Thank you to Madame Law.

Matthew Chan
Thank you so much Miss for giving me the opportunity to do this. I am very grateful and feel that Education Perfect is helping me in French Dramatically.

Maria McFarlane
I think that language perfect is a great way to learn new vocabulary however I think that the mark it yourself sections are practically begging you to cheat but i enjoy the competition against school friends.

Matteo Mancini
Well done language perfect for such an enjoyable, beneficial and helpful competition.

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