Getting into the Top Universities

Some time ago the Russell Group universities published a list of characteristics they wanted to see in students. These included evidence of being an independent learner; ability to research; ability to write a clear and coherent essay; ability to think critically and solve problems and evidence that a student is able to contribute ideas to a discussion or debate. At Trinity we continue to offer a culture both in school and out for our students to flourish, providing first-rate opportunities to develop the skills, confidence and attitudes needed to succeed at the most prestigious universities. To further improve insight into the process of applying for Oxbridge and the Russell Group a cohort of our Year 11 students attended a conference entitled, 'Getting into the Top Universities' at Central Hall, Westminster on 1st November 2016. The conference featured guest speakers from leading universities and gave students information and tips on the application process and more. This was a chance for our students to ask questions, improve self-confidence and motivation, be provided with further guidance and link current learning to the real world and the tertiary education sector. Below are some comments and feedback from the students that attended the conference. It was clear that the students further developed their knowledge in making informed decisions as they move into the application process for A-Levels and eventual degree.

The speakers provided clarity about the application process. I liked the fact that they discussed the differences between the courses and how courses are structured.

I enjoyed the calm academic atmosphere in the hall and when the hosts spoke as it gave a sense that the speakers really knew what they were talking about. This reassured me that I could heed their advice and in doing so increase my chances of securing a place at a top university."

Oxbridge is highly competitive to get into and learning about how many people apply each year helped put this into perspective and made me realise how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

I found it highly beneficial to listen to people from varying sectors of higher education. Each speaker at the conference was both engaging and informative. The question and answer session was useful as well.

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