Year 8 Dickens Museum Visit

On the 17th November, twenty seven enthusiastic Year 8 students set off, by coach, bright and early with three members of the English Department to attend a workshop at the Dickens Museum. The purpose of this field trip was to enrich the pupils' understanding of the social context and personal background of Dickens' Christmas novella. This was achieved through a guided tour and an opportunity to deconstruct his work.

The tour began with the pupils being led through Charles Dickens' home. They were introduced to his key possessions, from which contextual references were drawn by the guide. The English Department has already highlighted meaningful contextual references as a key skill so the approach of the museum staff was an excellent complement to methods applied in lesson.

Following the guided tour, pupils excitedly examined manuscripts of A Christmas Carol, looking at Dickens' original drafts. They discussed the process of drafting as well as a rich discussion of an extract from A Christmas Carol.

Pupils finished the workshop by creating Dickens-inspired character descriptions with quill pens and ink in order to gain a better understanding of being an author during the Victorian Era. Again, enriching their contextual knowledge as well as allowing them to consider the writer's craft, a key skill in their study of English.

Overall, this trip was highly beneficial to the pupils and all involved enjoyed the worthwhile experience thoroughly.

This trip to the Charles Dickens Museum was the best school trip ever! I learned amazing new things and highly recommend it to parents and students!

This trip was an amazing experience; I learned many new facts and saw a variety of astounding rooms with original and irreplaceable items. The most exciting adventure was attempting to write with a quill and ink. I would recommend this trip to everyone, it was a brilliant opportunity!

On our trip we were all very excited about what we would see and learn. Amazingly, we saw where Charles Dickens grew up and learned a lot about his life and in general, what life was like for the Victorians. We even got the chance to write like Dickens. It was great!

Trinity Students at The Charles Dickens Museum Trinity Students at The Charles Dickens Museum

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