Year 11 Mock Examinations

Year 11 students are now sitting their mock GCSE examinations until Friday 5th December 2014. To reflect the importance the school places on these assessments, all students are sitting their mock GCSEs in the hall to simulate as closely as possible the real examinations. We are aiming for students to encounter similar arrangements to those they will experience in the summer giving them opportunity to be prepared for the real examinations and to appreciate their significance.

In preparation for the Year 11 mock examinations a Study Skills day was arranged on the 6th of November 2014. All Year 11 students took part in an active and intensive workshop on revision techniques and study skills. The content of the workshop was based on scientific research into how the brain and memory retain and recall information. This was delivered to students by guest speakers and all classes were interactive, lively and fast paced.

Here are what some of the students had to say about the day.

"The most important strategies I learnt on this day included mnemonics, A-maps, and condensing. Mnemonics is a strategy that involves making a rhyme of sorts so that you memorise a sequence of words. A-maps involve taking information and arranging it into categories on a mind map so that it can be easily reviewed and condensing allows you to make your information much more manageable."(Fabio Mari)

"I learnt how creating pathways through association can thoroughly help with revision. For example, assigning a fact to an object present in the exam hall (like a desk) subsequently creates a path for the brain to follow and allows you to recall the fact." (Lorcan Canavan)

"I believe the study skills day was a great opportunity to learn different strategies to revise for our mocks. I enjoyed the fact that the study skills day was very hands on and we were able to work in groups and discuss various subjects as a whole class."(Anna Gould)

Students were also given a booklet to plan their revision before the exams, which included plenty of ideas and tips on revision as well as useful websites.

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