Welcome to Trinity Catholic High School

The holiday is over and we are now back to school. We have celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection and so continue our personal and public journey to Emmaus. School is now dominated by the approaching exams at KS4 and KS5. We have, however, our feasts to look to forward to, that of St. Joseph's and, of course, Founders Day 8th May when we commemorate the life and achievements of Henrietta Pelham Clinton, Duchess of Newcastle: Henrietta founded St. Thomas of Canterbury Church as well as the primary school at the top of the road and, of course, the convent further down which now forms part of Trinity Catholic High School. Henrietta was a convert, a socialite who revelled in the splendour of 19th Century London and Paris. She drank the finest champagne, ate the most succulent food and danced to the tinkling tunes of Offenbach. She then came to England as a widow, converted and lived in "The Oaks", a house near the church she founded. Henrietta made the most outstanding and significant contribution to the founding and development of Catholicism in this area. Of course she was ably assisted by the friars who joined her from France, the Franciscan Order has continued Henrietta's great dream in its service to the people of Woodford and, in particular, to this school. Many thanks for reading this. Kindest regards,

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE

May 2017

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