Welcome to Trinity Catholic High School

We are now into the last half term of the academic year. Exams are in full swing but this important season will soon pass. Our Year 11 and Year 13 will then have their leaving ceremonies: the Mass, the Happy Day and the Proms. It's lovely to see students who have worked so hard, truly relax and enjoy themselves. It's also a bitter-sweet time and demonstrates how the seasons pass so swiftly. Young men and women, whom I can so clearly remember coming into school as children in Year 7, have now emerged as very confident, highly talented young men and women. I would like to thank and salute our students in Year 11 and Year 13 for their most significant contribution to the development of this school and their distinctive achievements in all areas of life in our community here at Trinity.

Term will end on Friday 21st July. Between now and then we have a whole series of events: our Higher Education Evening (21st June), our Year 10 Work Experience in the last week of this month and the beginning of July etc. Of course we are also participating in the Centenary celebrations of the Diocese of Brentwood, we have done so in the last few months and this will continue during June and July. I am scheduled to give a lecture on the three patron saints of the Diocese: St. Edmund of Canterbury, St. Erconwald and St. Cedd on 28th June at Brentwood. We also have a very important meeting of the Aquinas Trust which is a group of schools, including Trinity, who work together particularly in sharing good practice. A special day for all members of the Aquinas Trust, staff and Governors, has been organised for the 30th June and we look forward to it being a great success.

Thank you for reading this.


Dr P.C. Doherty OBE

June 2017

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