Welcome to Trinity Catholic High School

Christmas and the New Year are truly over. We are now into the cold hardness of January yet the days are getting longer and spring beckons like some bright beacon through the mist. We have all returned to school and I am pleased to report that we do not have much out of the ordinary because that's the way we want it! The emphasis is very much on teaching and learning, on disciplined study. Time flies. The exams are approaching and we need to use every day to the best advantage. We have had staff changes here but they have been described elsewhere. We gave Mr Loster a good and generous farewell and, of course, we do miss him. We have visitors to school, I am so pleased Father Donal OFM is coming in to give a vocations talk, whilst Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP is going to visit us at the beginning of February. Saturday School begins in all its glory on January 21st and we have a schedule of parent's evenings planned for this term. I appreciate the students are looking forward to snow and the possibility of a snow day, but I don't think that will happen this year (I could be proved wrong). Anyway, many thanks for reading this, take care and all the very best for 2017.

Kindest regards,

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE

16th January 2017

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