Welcome to Trinity Catholic High School

Lent has now begun and we have a very busy schedule of events and occasions which are outlined in my recent letter to parents which is posted elsewhere on our website. Life at school is even busier than usual. The need to balance budgets, the curriculum changes and the more rigorous way students and the school are to be assessed are making their impact felt. All this and the impending exam season tend to limit or curb our commitment to other areas of school life although we still run some very successful school trips both in term and holiday time. We also plan to bring in drama groups such as Ten Ten. Naturally our excellent PE Department continue to manage a range of very successful teams and, despite our facilities being rather limited, we do achieve a great deal on the sports field. Thank God everyone seems to be in good heart and, of course, the rapidly approaching spring makes things even easier. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for reading this. Kindest regards,

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE

8th March 2017

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